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Kief Realty Commission Rebate FAQs

Traditional real estate commissions explained

In our market areas, Realtors work in a cooperative commission environment. This means that the seller's Realtor will have a contractual agreement with the seller that includes a total commission amount. The seller's Realtor then offers a portion of that commission amount to be shared with any buyer's Realtor that produces a prospective buyer and results in a successful purchase of the home. There are no standard commission rates or arrangements, but an example would be a seller agreeing to pay their Realtor 6 – 7% of the gross sales price, and the seller's Realtor compensating the buyer's Realtor half of that amount, essentially 3 – 3.5% of the gross sales price.

How does the Kief Realty commission rebate work?

Whether purchasing a home listed on the market, or sometimes even a For Sale By Owner, your Kief Realty buyer's agent will be compensated by the seller's broker or the seller. From that compensation, we are simply sharing $250 with you. Although we hope you feel that Kief Realty has provided you with many benefits and value throughout your home buying experience, this is our modest way of saying thank you for your commitment and trust in us to play a part in one the greatest financial decisions of your life.

*Rebates are permitted in Illinois, but not in all states. Flat $250 rebate granted upon successful home purchase. Subject to minimum commission of $2,500. May be subject to lender approval if applied toward closing costs. Not offered on short sale transactions.

I want to sell my house. Do I get a rebate?

Kief Realty does not currently offer rebates to sellers. However, if you hire us to sell your home and then also hire us to assist you in purchasing your next home, we will DOUBLE your buyer rebate. That's $500 big ones!

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