The Kief Realty Difference

Your satisfaction comes first.

Any smart business would make this claim. But at Kief Realty, our business is a reflection of the people we are personally and professionally. We are good people wanting to work with and help other good people. We are not motivated to move you through the process quickly. We believe that if we invest the time and effort into helping you reach your goals, you'll want to work with us again in the future.

We may be referred to as salespersons by default, but we are advisors and consultants at heart. Kief Realty is committed to provide you the support you need, from the beginning of your search to the moment you get the keys to your new home.

When we say your satisfaction comes first, we mean it.

Buy With The Support of Kief Realty Experts

Working with Kief Realty means you receive tailored support and service from our team of experts. We provide homebuyers with a unique, modern, and efficient home buying experience.

As a buyer, you get a dedicated Kief Realty team member who will make sure that your journey to your new home is as smooth and stress free as possible. We ensure that you have access to many support utilities including: education about the buying process, private home tours, market and value analysis, guidance on negotiation and availability for questions at any time.

Because Kief Realty is made up of real estate experts working as a team, we take pride in our quick action. Our team advantage puts us in the position to provide fast, expert service to you. Plus we're just flat out fun to work with!

Transparent Buying Process

Trust. In a major financial decision like buying a home, having a trustworthy real estate professional in your corner is key. Through our online platform and dedicated team, you can feel confident that there will be no guessing, no grey areas, and absolutely no fluff.

You get a thorough breakdown of your entire transaction, with status updates at every stage of the process. If any surprises or curveballs come our way, we will always openly discuss and work through them together.

Online Real Estate Platform

Kief Realty's objective is to cater to the adaptive industry and growing tech savvy consumer population by moving the home buying process online through our tools. Providing a process on the web makes home buying more pleasant, hassle free, and very transparent. Everything is documented and you can check the progress anytime.

Going digital also ensures that we have the data to backup our advice. We help you reach informed conclusions and educated decisions by providing unbiased market data on demand.

No Strings Attached

We don't tie our clients down. We know that home buying is a major decision. If any particular home or even the decision to purchase turns out not to be in your best interest, you have the right to change your mind.

The same principal applies to our agency relationships. If you have decided to hire Kief Realty and have consented to our Buyer Agency Agreement, but later decide to go another route... just say the word. We believe in a no-hassle agency relationship. We will promptly cancel any agency agreement upon your written request.