Buying a Home with Kief Realty

Let's get the best value on the home you really want.

Kief Realty is a full-service brokerage licensed in the State of Illinois. Our team is committed to your happiness, providing you with honest advice, helping you find the right home, and negotiating the best value for you.

The Kief Realty Process

Finding your home

We believe that buyers should be able to search on any website or app to find the home they really want, no matter what listing agency is marketing the home. When you buy with us, you won't be limited in your options. We take the listings you're interested in, and our team works with you throughout the entire home buying process.

How does Kief Realty help me find a home?

Kief Realty team members are experts not only in what to look for, but also where to find them. We use a mix of old and new techniques to make sure we get a full view of all options that suit your preferences.

Kief Realty experts monitor the market for available homes using tech tools developed in-house. These tools ensure that we see each available home.

We send our clients alerts personalized to their preferences. We send you a filtered list of properties tailored to you, making your house hunting journey as convenient as possible.

Do Kief Realty team members really come with me for house tours?

Yes, absolutely. Kief Realty's team is seasoned and trained to give you expert advice right inside the home you're interested in. If you're unable to tour a house in person, we can offer to give you a virtual video tour of the home.

For first-time Kief Realty clients, we may verify your identity or require an initial office meeting as a security measure, so please plan ahead. We will let you know about this beforehand. We do reserve the right to decline certain tour requests.

I have a financing question, can you help me?

Yes. Kief Realty's team is educated on preliminary loan qualifications and various financing options. We also have established relationships with many loan officers in our various market areas.

We may be able to answer some of your initial questions, but ultimately we can provide you contact information of many excellent loan officers for you to work with. We don't have exclusive relationships with lenders, so based on your needs and qualifications, we will help you evaluate your options and recommend what we feel might be the best fit.

Making your offer

Once we've found your ideal home, it's now time to make an offer. With Kief Realty, initiating an offer can be done online. From there, a Kief Realty team member will be in touch to gather additional information, answer any questions you have and complete your offer packet to be submitted to the listing agent or seller on your behalf.

This will start the negotiation process and hopefully result in an agreed upon home purchase contract.

How much should I offer?

When making an offer, you primarily want to consider the value of other similar homes in the area, and how the home you are pursuing compares and differs to those other homes. Other factors that might influence your offer decision could be the home's square footage, how long it has been on the market and your overall level of interest and desire to purchase the home. A Kief Realty expert will always be there to assist you with market values and area statistics. Our team wants to ensure that you get the best value and do not overpay.

Closing your home purchase

When your offer is accepted, we will take care of all the details from that point forward and make sure that you are kept up to date with the progress. If there is anything that you personally need to be doing or coordinating, we will be there to advise you.

For first time buyers, these guides provide a good overview of what to expect:

Zillow Buyer's Guide - Closing on a House for the Buyer The Closing Process: What Home Buyers and Sellers Can Expect

How about home inspections?

In some instances, home sellers will have a certified and licensed home inspector perform an inspection before or when they list their home. If this is the case, the inspection report will be made available to you for your review. If not, then you will have your own opportunity to hire a licensed home inspector. The purpose of your inspection would primarily be to confirm that major structural and mechanical components of the home are in proper working order and acceptable condition. If you find that something doesn't meet your expectation, you will have the opportunity to address it with the seller.

Kief Realty has established relationships with reputable licensed home inspectors, and can provide you a contact list upon request.

How much does it cost me when I buy with Kief Realty?

One million dollars. Just kidding, it really costs you NOTHING. Zero, zip, zilch, nada. Kief Realty will still be compensated, just not by you. The seller typically covers the commission costs. This is explained in more detail on our rebate page.

This can still be true even if you're purchasing a home that is For Sale By Owner. If the seller is open and willing to compensate Kief Realty a predetermined and agreed upon commission, then you can move forward just as if you were buying any other home on the market. We are paid by the seller, but only have an agency relationship with you.

Learn more about our rebate